13 Best Universities in Canada With High Acceptance Rate

13 Best Universities in Canada With High Acceptance Rate

There are several reasons international students choose Canada as a study abroad destination of which the No. 1 reason is the quality of education offered. According to global ranking for quality of education, Canada sits comfortably is the 3rd position just behind the UK and US. Canada is home to some of the world’s top universities. No doubt, Canada offers top notch education from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

In the QS World University Rankings for 2019, it was discovered that Canada had 26 universities featured on the list. Out of these universities, three (3) made it to the Top 50 universities worldwide. In addition, about 10% of the student population are international students.

Securing admission into a university in Canada can be quite competitive as a result of the number of applications received annually. However, there are top universities with very high acceptance rates. In this article, we’ll disclose to you a comprehensive list of the Top 13 universities in Canada with high acceptance rate.

What Do You Mean By Acceptance Rate?

Simply put, it is the rate at which students are offered admission to a university. Compared to the UK and US, it’s quite easy to get admission into a Canadian university. There are several factors responsible for acceptance rate being high or low. A major factor is the kind of program(s) offered in the institution. However, for the purposes of this writing, the acceptance rate is not program specific, but general.

Which University Has The Highest Acceptance Rate In Canada?

Basically, York University and Carleton University are among the top-rated universities in Canada with high acceptance rates.

Can I Get Scholarships from Canadian Universities with a High Acceptance Rate?

Of course, YES. As a matter of fact, some of these universities offer both full and partial scholarships.

Which University In Ontario Has A High Acceptance Rate?

Based on the estimated acceptance rates, Wilfrid Laurier University has the highest acceptance rate in Ontario, Canada.

Let’s dive right into the subject matter… 

List of Universities in Canada With High Acceptance Rate

  • Toronto School of Management

At Toronto School of Management, you can learn business management, data analytics, just to mention a few. This institution offers several learning options including online learning. Also, you can be awarded scholarships to study here upon meeting the requirements. Toronto School of Management is estimated to have a 60% acceptance rate.  https://www.torontosom.ca/

  • Wilfrid Laurier University

Established in 1911, this institution has over 19,000 students enrolled with approximately 100 courses to choose from. Wilfrid Laurier University is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 55%.


  • Lakehead University

This is another university with an estimated acceptance rate of 55%. Lakehead University is an internationally recognized institution with over 8,500 students enrolled. For a fact, you will find the only business school located in Northern Ontario at Lakehead University. That’s indeed a great accomplishment for this center of learning.  http://www.lakeheadu.ca/

  • Ryerson University

This institution is home to the largest undergraduate business school in the whole of Canada. This business school is Ted Rogers School of Management. Established in 1948, this Toronto-based university has over 45,000 enrolled. Just like Lakehead University, it is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 55%.  https://www.ryerson.ca/

  • University of Guelph

Concerning Arts and Science, University of Guelph is known to offer exceptional programs. It is one of the numerous public research universities in Canada committed to the pursuit of knowledge towards sustainable living. This university received its first set of students in 1964. Today, it can boast of over 29,000 students enrolled to study different programs. It is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 50%.


  • Université de Montréal

There are several reasons why this university is popular of which a high acceptance rate is No.1. According to World University Ranking, Université de Montréal sits in the 90th position. Currently, there are over 600 academic programs hosted in this university with more than 67,000 students enrolled. Just like University of Guelph, it is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 50%.  https://www.umontreal.ca/

  • Concordia University

In 1974, Loyola College and Sir George Williams University merged to form what is known today as Concordia University. No doubt, Concordia University is among the best institutions in Canada and sits in the 22nd position.  http://www.concordia.ca/

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

Another university with an estimated acceptance rate of 50% is Memorial University of Newfoundland. After World War I, this institution was founded to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the bloody war. This is a top rated university in Canada offering over 100 degree programs. About 18,000 students are currently enrolled thereby making it one of the largest universities in Atlantic Canada.  https://www.mun.ca/

  • University of Saskatchewan

USask, as it’s commonly known, has been in existence for more than 110 years. This university is recognized as one of the country’s top research-intensive institutions. As a matter of fact, it is recognized globally for its research in water and food security. It is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 40%.  http://www.usask.ca/

  • University of New Brunswick

When you think of entrepreneurship, University of New Brunswick comes to mind. In all of Canada, this institution is recognized as the most entrepreneurial. Not only on entrepreneurship, it is also recognized as one of the Canadian universities with very high acceptance rates.It is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 74%.  https://www.unb.ca/

  • University of British Columbia

This institution is recognized as the most international university in all of North America simply because 26.5% of its student population are international students. For years now, it has continuously ranked among the Top 20 public universities all over the world. Furthermore, it is committed to research. It is estimated to have an acceptance rate of 35%.  https://www.ubc.ca/

  • Carleton University

After World War 2, this university was set up as a way of supporting the veterans of the war. It is located in the capital of Ottawa, and is often referred to as the Capital University of Canada. It can boast of a student population of over 31,000.  https://carleton.ca/

  • University of Waterloo

This university holds the record of being first place in the Research University Rankings for the 11th year running while also holding the record of being the most innovative university in all of Canada in 27years now. Its Computer Science and Engineering programs are ranked 1st and 2nd respectively.  https://uwaterloo.ca/

This article has been written to reveal Canadian universities with high acceptance rates. If you are still in doubt of how to go about your admission into one of these universities, leave a comment in the comment box and our team of counsellors will guide you through the application process.

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