UNICEF Free Online Courses With Free Certifications

UNICEF Free Online Courses With Free Certifications

UNICEF currently presents in 119 countries in the world.  Considered this opportunity as a Fully Funded scholarship and don’t miss this golden opportunity.

UNICEF training courses 2022 are totally Free of Cost and plus point is you will get the certification at the end of the course. All applicants across the world can apply for UNICEF Short online courses without any Registration Fee.

More than 140 courses announced by UNICEF, all are free with free certifications. Currently, UNICEF providing online courses in more than 6 Languages with 119 E-Learning Free Courses.


  • UNICEF is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) & was established in 1946 by the UN (United Nations) General Assembly.
  • The main motto to work for the protection of children’s rights. to ensure they are getting their needs.
  • UNICEF also provides services in the health of Medical, Health, Nutrition, basic education, sanitization & women’s development in developing areas.
  • UNICEF currently presents in 119 countries in the world.
  • UNICEF Provides an opportunity for youth to involve in Volunteer work by filling their volunteer application form free of cost

UNICEF Free Online Courses Details

  • Sponsored By: UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Funds)
  • No. of Courses: 140
  • Learning Mode: Online
  • Certificates: Yes (Free)
  • Deadline: No Deadline (Open)

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Why You Should Join E-Learning Courses in UNICEF?

  • UNICEF will give you access to more than 120+ courses.
  • Most important is applicants across the world can join these courses in their own language i.e Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese.
  • UNICEF is not charging any fee from you and ask you to do these courses and take the certificate and boost your Resumes.

Available Courses

  • Communication (10)
  • Working with people (9)
  • Drive for results (17)
  • Deciding and initiating action (5)
  • Relating and networking (3)
  • Persuading and Influencing (4)
  • Applying technical expertise (23)
  • Analyzing (6)
  • Learning and researching (21)
  • Creating and innovating (3)
  • Formulating Strategies and Concepts (6)
  • Planning and Organizing (7)
  • Following Instructions and Procedures (10)
  • Adapting and responding to change (4)
  • Coping with pressure and setbacks (4)
  • Entrepreneurial thinking (1)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (8)
  • Integrity (6)
  • Commitment (6)

Value of UNICEF Online Courses

  • You are eligible for Free Courses
  • You can access these courses at any time
  • Multiple courses available

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  • you can enroll in more than 1 course, it’s totally up to you.
  • A free certificate by UNICEF will be given to you.

Who Can Apply For UNICEF Online Courses

  • There is no specific requirement for enrollment in these Free online courses.
  • UNICEF Staff Members, Other NGOs & Common people all can apply
  • Anyone across the world can apply
  • No Age Restriction
  • No Specific Academic Requirement
  • No Documents required

Application Details of UNICEF Online Courses

The process is entirely online. The link is given below you will have to click on it a page will appear with login details for Sign in then if you are a UNICEF STAFF MEMBER Simply choose Agora Login Button and if not so simply log in as “GUEST LOGIN”

Apply Here

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  7. Je suis intéressé par votre formation. Je rêve un jour travaillé dans les systèmes des N.ations Unies.

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    I want to learn Applying Tectnical Expertise

    • Je suis un chauffeur proffesionnelle, j’ai vraiment aimé ça ! Je suis aussi interesse dans la planification et organisation, mon numéro : (+243) 82 54 22 408, j’ai me momme Odon Mwalaba.


    Appreciate goes to UNICEF for the opportunity given to learn for free.


    How will the study be on zoom or email?

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  13. hi would like to do a course on civil registration

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    Working with people

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    I believe in self esteem. Therefore an always empower myself in such leadership treaning.

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    I believe in sustainable development


    I am interested in learning and research


    I am interested in the (21) Learning and Research. To be studied online in English language

  23. I would like to take UNICEF online course about communication thanks!

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    I’m happy to learn more with unicef

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  26. I’m interested on this I’m a south Sudanses by nationality 23yearsold

  27. Good move and progress, I appreciate this offer so much, am Alex from South Sudan ,orphan boy of 28 yrs ,lost both parents during civil war period,struggl8ng to pay school fees,Please am willing to study medical in penisyian , WhatsApp number +211924861188

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  34. Informations pour les certifications

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    I am interested in learning from you if permitted. Hopping to be among

  36. Ipercia Gisela Chiau

    Am Mozambicain, and i realy apreciate the organization and think that the course will be fine for contributing on what i want to work in the future.

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    Je suis intéressée par la planification et l’organisation

  38. Please send for planning and organizing course

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    Am interested in technical expertise

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    How to work with people .
    Or communication.
    How can I apply online for studies?

  47. I greet you all the online teaching Teacher of NGO
    Am from uganda 🇺🇬
    I want to join and learn Working with people

  48. I am humbling hoping for good response to study
    Commitment (6) and gain more skills on how to be a Committed work /person


  49. This is a very crucial complementary educational service which impressed career chasers not to let go this opportunity.. However am interested

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  51. I’m interested in learning planning and organizing.


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  53. Am interested in learning communication course and planing and organized course

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